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April 23, 2008


You’d think that after 31 years of studying, praying, teaching, preaching, counseling… everything would be pretty well figured out by now. That adds up to 11,315 days of doing these same things every day. If I was a doctor trying to keep up with all of the new innovations and treatments it would at least make sense. But I’m a preacher. I’m studying the same book God prepared, preserved and provided (How is that for a three point sermon? :-). He hasn’t added a new chapter or offered even a single update or revision. But here I am still “trying” to figure it out!


As the years have gone by I’ve paid a lot more attention to the way Jesus treated those who were humbly attempting to get it right and do it right but yet share my inability to get everything in order. There’s tremendous patience and understanding on His part. When I compared that to His interaction with those who believed they already had everything right and did everything right, I decided maybe I was not in such a bad place after all. For example when I thought of Jesus tapping Peter on the head and saying, “Hello? Hello? Anybody home McFly?” “Are you still so dull? Don’t you see? (Matthew 15:16-17)” I could identify. But I could also feel the kindness of Jesus as He put His arm around Peter and said, “Let’s go over here and sit down and I’ll explain it again.”


I know the solution is in God. It absolutely has to be! There’s no way I can fix this reality of human limitation. I will never know it all, be able to do it all or be able to understand it all so the solution must be in the one who does know it all, understand it all and see everything going on within me as clear as day. When He looks within us He sees everything in there: motives, thoughts, concerns, objectives, hopes, dreams, discouragements, encouragements, loves, etc. etc. etc. It’s from there that the balance of His mercy, justice, grace and love are applied. It is from there that I pray He Will Be Able To Smile knowing my deep desire to give Him joy!

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