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April 21, 2009

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ntlevLord, what am I to learn from Your choice to communicate Your new covenant in narrative, poetry, prophesy and epistle? Why not another Leviticus?

What do you have in mind? The new covenant arrangement You’ve set for mankind is obviously a profound and significant arrangement. Its importance is seen in its having been ushered in by the death of Your Son. It obviously must not be taken lightly. It offers to us the highly coveted relationship with You now as well as throughout all eternity. Therefore, there’s a lot riding on our understanding this covenant.

 So I look through your word for the specifics, details; a list if you will. Well, I must say that what I find hasn’t satisfied that search. Instead, what I find is a beautiful story of Your Son having come from heaven to be born of a young virgin. Then, having been filled with the Holy Spirit, He spends three years traveling, training, loving, forgiving, healing, amazing and teaching the masses that gather and especially the twelve. Everyone seems to have some real challenges understanding some of the things He says. This part of the story concludes with Your Son’s death burial and resurrection. The story continues with some amazing accounts of the efforts of the 12 and the dynamic new group of believers who explode onto the scene. Your work through them results in a movement of thousands of believers in Christ who are willing to die if necessary for that belief. But, there is still no list to be found. As I continue, I read the letters written to individuals and congregations where specific issues are discussed by your emissaries. These are letters which communicate some specifics along with a few lists of dos and don’ts but nothing close to a comprehensive list. Then there is the book of Revelation which presents a prophetic picture of the followers of Christ being victorious even though they experience the severest persecution. I must admit I find it a “little” overwhelming trying to get my mind around all of the imagery of this revelation. There is still no list.

I’m not finding what I’m really looking for so…

  • What happens if I read the Bible and miss something?
  • What if I don’t know the Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek well enough?
  • What if the local customs of the first century confuse me?
  • What if I add the passage from here to a passage over there and then bring them together with another passage over here and they add up to error?
  • What if my major premise plus my minor premise add up to a false conclusion?
  • What if I enter my Bible study with a false premise I’m unaware of?
  • What if I’ve been taught by imperfect people who have come to some incorrect conclusions?
  • What happens if I trip as I travel from the first century to the 21st with the most important message ever delivered?
  • What happens if my clumsy, yet diligent, sincere search for the right leaves me unprepared for the most profound of consequences?

Is there something to be learned by Your choice to communicate Your new covenant in narrative, poetry, prophesy and epistle? Why not a list?

 (…to be continued)

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  1. April 22, 2009 7:35 am

    My thoughts have been in this same area of thought for the last few weeks. Excellent post! I will hold any further comments until you complete this to be continued post.

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