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“UNCOMMON” Is Way Too Uncommon

September 26, 2009

I finished Tony Dungy’s book, “Uncommon” last night. Since we lived in Tampa during the years Tony coached the Buccaneers I have been interested in him as a Bucs fan and also as a Christian.

First, as a fan I think the Glazer Family was “NUTS!” when they fired Tony Dungy and brought in Jon Gruden! Absolutely “NUTS!” I am one who believes that Super Bowl XXXVII was Dungy’s first Super Bowl win.

Second, as a Christian I recall my disappointment in the change in sideline antics. Every time the cameras showed Gruden throwing the “F” bomb I cringed. What an opportunity missed for children to see how a man of God deals with anger and disappointment without resorting to such juvenile and inappropriate actions!

Now The Book:

The book presents thirty-one chapters of the stuff God created the family to communicate, things that a dad and mom say and show as they live with their children in the everyday conversations and experiences of life. I thought over and over as I read, “This is a good book for every young person to read as they grow up.”

At the same time I felt a kind of sick feeling because we need this kind of book as badly as we do. This book is a discussion of one character trait after another, traits that are a part of a life of integrity and spiritual values.

I would encourage you moms and dads to read the book. You may be reminded as I was of how much the incessant droning of the world has dulled your awareness of the simple things a life of integrity is made of.

Jimmy, Tina, Eric, Stacy, Dannon and Ashley you can expect a copy of this book to be delivered to you in the next few days.

Love You!

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  1. October 24, 2009 3:20 pm

    Thanks Mark, I haven’t read Dungy’s book, but I feel about him and the message you have relayed as you do. He is a great role model and it was foolish to remove him from the Tampa Bay area and for what? Not only was he a better example as a follower of Christ, but he was a better coach too.

    Oh well – there is always work for the people of God.


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