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November 27, 2009

In an attempt to be more successful communicating and establishing the primary motivation for everything spiritual I have decided to work  with a homiletic that is specifically focused. This approach will enable us to be flexible in studying anything deemed important for the overall needs of our church family while emphasizing the greatest reason for studying and acting on these spiritual principles = LOVE OF GOD AND LOVE OF NEIGHBOR!

Approach In Brief:


Consider the things we as a church need to study/learn/know etc. and use our sermons and classes to communicate these things.


Then filter everything we learn through Loving God and/or Loving Neighbor. In every lesson/class we will ask and address questions like: How is this an expression of our love for God? How is this an expression of our love for others? How is this an expression of God’s love for us? How is this an expression of God’s love for others (saved, lost, struggling, weak, etc.)?  The primary purpose is to spend the year highlighting the motive/motivation of love in everything spiritual from God’s perspective and from ours.


Then apply these principles by discussing specific actions, life activities, practices, efforts, disciplines, decisions, etc. that manifest this same love motive in what we have learned.


I want the church family to participate with me. Lesson plans and PowerPoints will show these three elements in every sermon and class. We will work on using this same pattern in day-to-day life plans, decisions, etc. Together we will attempt to create a new and/or reinforce an existing paradigm that, SPIRITUAL LIFE IS A LIFE OF RECEIVED AND EXPRESSED LOVE FROM BEGINNING TO END!

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  1. February 10, 2010 5:54 pm

    I love it, Mark.

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