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February 16, 2012

Since my last post to “Make God Smile” it has been 446 days or 1 year, 2 months, and 20 days or 10,704 hours or 842,240 minutes or 38,534,400 seconds (

I take the occasion of my 39th Wedding Anniversary to try once again to blog. I can’t get the hang of this blogging thing!

Today I Have Been Married To My “Girlfriend” Vicki For 39 Years

Having been married this long means that I have been blessed, lucky, forgiven, encouraged, corrected, helped, loved, served, led and a host of other things that would say that I’ve done none of this on my own.

When this tall skinny guy with a neck a foot long entered the “Big K” on the corner of Two Mile Pike and Gallatin Road in Madison, Tennessee along with two of my best friends Dennis Wade and Jim Williams to buy an 8-track tape there was no message in the heavens but something of God was happening. Being a typical 18 year old male I couldn’t help but notice when the beautiful girl with long black hair and dark eyes wearing a sky blue skirt (very short skirt I might add) and white hose behind the jewelry counter where the 8-track tapes were sold (I found out later that she did not usually work the jewelry counter but someone was sick that night and they made her come down from the office and cover for them). The three amigos waited outside until closing time and since we had a good friend by the name of Denise Henderson who also worked there we were able to be introduced to the cute little thing named Vicki Pomeroy. Well, I tried to get Dennis to ask her out but he wouldn’t so we left but not without Vicki’s phone number which I called the next day to ask her out.

There are a lot of other details; her saying no to my invite, not eating when I did finally get her to go out with me, here coming to visit me in the hospital (collapsed lung) after I had pretty well given up, my mom telling she could not go in my room to see me because my church friends were all in there, etc. but I won’t drag you through that.

What I do want to do is to say thank you to God for such a precious gift!

I Love You Vicki and I thank God for you always.
You are the joy of my life!
I am blessed!

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  1. February 16, 2012 2:51 pm

    Glad you are back!

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